Click for larger sizes, and click and open in new tab if you want to look at them full sized :D
This is my HSC major work for Visual Arts :D I made up a concept for an MMORPG (in the game explanation I wrote Massive but it should be Massively but I’d merged the layers and saved the document by that time). I’m not overly fond of either of the landscapes, but I’m happy with my character designs 8D
So yeah, if you have any questions just ask, I guess. 

hsc art major work so glad it's handed in now ughh finished stuff

Hi guys, I know I haven’t been on Tumblr much lately but it’s because I’ve been doing so much school crap |||OTZ
These are my costume designs for my Drama costume design major work for school that got sent away on Monday.
The play I chose to do my designs for was Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and I chose to do two costumes each for the characters Prospero and Ariel.
Prospero is originally male in the play, but I decided to change his gender to female as I wanted to have a gender balance in my designs. 
Prospero’s first costume is inspired by a fox, her second inspired by a wildcat- Ariel’s first costume is inspired by a swallow, and his second costume is inspired by an albatross. Each animal represents the character’s personality traits and how their character growth progresses throughout the play.

Okay, back to doing my Visual Arts major work -A- 

HSC the tempest drama these took forever omfg finished stuff